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house put out its budget for 2012, president obama trying to prove the best defense is a good offense. the president holding a news conference to defend his $3.7 trillion plan in the wake of very bad first day reviews. >> we owe the american people a government that lives within its means while still investing in our future in areas like education, innovation and infrastructure that will help us attract new jobs and businesses to our shores. >> republicans with a very different read of his proposal. >> the republicans will not punt. everything is on the table. and we will put forward a budget that deals with the big challenges that face our country. >> the gop accusing the president of putting, punting on the biggest drivers of spending. entitle meths like social security, medicare and medicaid. listen how speaker boehner responded. >> i'll let the budget committee do their work but i have no doubts that all of these issues will be on the table. >> was that speaker boehner punting or is that just a handoff? the truth is that neither side has yet put out a plan that tracks our long run
see that might be able to be done that isn't being done to save lives in libya? >> president obama has to condemn the gadhafi regime. it's been -- we're way passed the freedom of expression and the freedom to protest in libya. right now, he should bring people with live rounds. he's killing people with mortar shells. there's videos coming out which gives you all of the videos from everybody b. we're learning that everybody's gunned down, doctors are being killed. it's a genocide right now. i don't think the media can grasp what's going on. we're there every second on twitter, facebook, on the phones. president obama needs to stand against the gadhafi regime. the deals made with the previous administration don't count. they don't exist anymore. there's going to be a new administration in libya and it's in our best interest as americans to fight for freedom everywhere. and to at least verbally stand up. we're not asking for the military. we're not. we're just asking for president obama to condemn the gadhafi regime and for the u.n. to supply medical supplies. people are dying from their
9. >>> plus health care theater, the senate to vote on a repeal of president obama's health care law, as both scramble to refin the debate that refuses to address the underlying problems of insurance monopolies, employer-based health care and fee for service, none of that addressed by either party. >>> also, foreclosing on our troops, how our government is failing to protect our veterans from being victimized by predatory and immensely profitable taxpayer-subsidized megabanks. it's part of our "no way to live" series, our special production produced in collaboration with the huffington poth. the show starts right a now. >>> a dictatorship in which 40% of the people live on less than $2 a day. today we're seeing egyptians turn on each other, with deadly results. with the sound of gunshots in the air p. both the supporters and opponents today pelted each other with stones, bottles, throwing molotov cocktails and setting fires on the streets. at least one account of a fatality, hundreds of others surely injured. the imaging we're seeing today, a violent escalation to the peaceful pr
, blasting scar horns, chanting "the people ousted the president." president obama, and his own reaction in the past hour. >> the egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. this transition must bring all of egypt's voices to the table. for the spirit of peaceful protests and perseverance that the egyptian people have shown, it is is a powerful wind at the back of this change. >> ron allen joins us. what's going on ron? >> reporter: it's been an incredible night. all across the city, there are people celebrating, riding around in cars, yelling and screaming, honking horns, waving flags. it is just an all-night party that i believe is going to go on for some time. there's just a tremendous feeling of euphoria and relief and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment that the people were able to do this, and they say, without a lot of help from anyone else. it was perseverance, it was determination, it was courage to say in the square, to stay on the streets for more than two weeks in defiance of this regime. i think back to when we first arrived h
the grayson podcast, his insdimt directly to the obama administration for their failure to administer justice against the obvious mortgage fraud at the highest levels of america's financial institutions, that onç right here on "the dylan ratigan show," a symbol of the revolution, our interview exclusively with a friend of wael ghonim, the 30-year-old google executive now at the heart of the egyptian uprising, a leader may be emerging. [ robin ] quality and reliability are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. so i'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on test strips, which is a true american value for people with diabetes like me. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. [ male announcer ] when you have plaque psoriasis, you see patches on your skin's surface. but let's look at the condition's inner workings. psoriasis involves an overactive immune system. this leads to an overproduction of skin cells that rise to t
president obama takes risks and basically be on the right side of history in this particular titanic struggle that's being waged in the region today. >> quickly marc ginsburg, how much does the american media bear responsibility for per pagt we are hated for values, apple pie, going to the beach, playing little league, which is hugely offensive to people while ignoring multi-billion dollar bankroll of countries like egypt and so many others who ploy both our weapons and our dollars to run a secret police and a mafia-style economy where you have to be a member of the party to do business. >> there's no doubt. i run an arab language production company and i spend a lot of time watching arab media as well as the interpretation of the united states. part of the problem is the obama administration's own public diplomacy has not been consistent much less prevalent throughout this crisis, number one. number two, there's no doubt those people in the street that really we can embrace and understand their passionate commitment to freedom feel that we have not been willing to walk the walk as m
of uncertainty. there are more questions than answer at this particular moment. my hope, my hope is the obama administration will exert pressure on the army. there's a very close relationship between the u.s. army and the egyptian army. i do hope the obama administration maintains contact the egyptian army, impresses on the egyptian army the need for transparency, to transfer power to an elected egyptian government in the next eight or nine months. >> thanks to all of you for keeping us informed and giving us the benefit of your analysis. nice to see you mark. stephanie thank so you much. we let ali go. coming up the bogus debate about cutting this nation's budget. how politicians in both political parties are nickel and diming the american people when it comes to our debt. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. to finish what you started today. for the ac
would say it's really a perilous moment for the united states right now. i think president obama has said a lot of the right things about the need for real transition to real democracy and so forth. but also, i think the u.s. position is a bit confusing. i mean secretary clinton said over the weekend that we should support the process headed by vice president suleiman. and what's going on now is that vice president suleiman has met with a small number of opposition groups who have come out of it saying that they agreed to nothing and nothing really came out of the talks and there's a danger that suleiman is going to try to just start implementing some reform measures without having negotiated them with the opposition and the united states is going to be in the position of either supporting that or supporting the demands of the demonstrators which up until now the u.s. has said was legitimate. >> vice president suleiman's outreach to very select members of the opposition is obviously strategic. who is he reaching out to? first and foremost the muslim brotherhood. they are hungry for r
gadhafi's brutal attempt at sup pression drawing u.s. and international condemnation. president obama scheduled to address the crisis about an hour from now. no word on a no-fly zone or any u.n. support for those being murdered in the streets of libya by their own nation. today the fighting has spread as his grip on the country may be slipping. at least by appearances today the antigovernment movement making gains even closer to the capital of triply, which is still under gadhafi's control. richard engel is in country, saying evidence of a crumbling regime is widepred. >> reporter: at the border crossing itself there's no one on the libyan sign, no one to check us is. it's fair to say that eastern libya is no longer under gadhafi's control. rebel leaders say they believe they control about 30% of libya, most of it in the northeast sector, there is still heavy fighting in triply. >> today, an exodus from some of the chaos from that bloody fighting in triply, as a u.s. chartered ferry arrived to evacuate americans to the island of malta, and reports of mass fleeing to the country, get t
kirk, former staff member under president bush and president obama. how are we to interpret the efforts against the messengers today? >> there are a number of ways. one that i haven't heard that is valuable to bring to the table is that mubarak feels dishonored and dishonored not only with the egyptian people but in front of the entire world. in the arab world the culture of honor has massive influence. of course he wants to square foreign journalists away not only because he doesn't want his day of rage captured on cameras tomorrow but also because he feels these are the messengers who have dishonored him before the world's eyes. tomorrow i dare say we're in for quite the story. >> what can the united states do if anything in the minutes right now before we get into the day. >> it's tough. we can't overestimate our influence. or underestimate it. until last night it was a classic battle of our values. we're the only ones in the world and our national interests. we have values, we want to stand with the people on street. you don't know what's coming. but at this point our values kind of trump e
participation. >> the obama administration putting forward it's interpretation that added one tenth the number we would need to add if we were going to recover from the destruction caused by the collapse of our system. the rate did fall to 9% fwu numbers and the spin disguise a truly desperate state at this point in the american jobs market. 36,000 new jobs were created. the number gets even lower. needles to say, it is a long way back to 6% unemployment. let alone with good jobs. to get there by 2013, we would need to add 13 million jobs or 360,000 a month. ten times what we did in january. that is obviously a tall order, especially for a system of trade, taxes, and banking designed to take investment and money out of our country for a few as opposed to invest in it our country for the property to all. peter crunches many of the numbers we are able to provide. former chief economist at the international trade commission. he is now dean of columbia's business school. we will get into the broader dynamics of investment versus extraction in a second but i want to start with the actual data set.
president obama telling hip it was time to step down. so in terms of that message, obviously, mubarak said he doesn't intend to run again and as ron has been reporting from the ground there in cairo that may not be satisfier to to those protesters on the street who want him to step down immediately and want him gone from the country. as i understand mr. mubarak said he intends to die in egypt. we're waiting to see if the president will come out and make any sort of statement on camera here from the white house. as you know as mubarak gave the statement so late in the night from egypt president obama came out afterward. i'm waiting to hear back what the president's plans are. at 3:30 the president convened be a meeting of his national security team in the situation room and presumably they watched this statement as it happened as we all did. >> brian williams is live in cairo. brian, do you have any sense of what tomorrow holds? >> reporter: well, dylan, first of all i'm joined by richard engel here in care jobs our chief foreign correspondent, and the general view all day from the first re
of the banking business under the obama administration, but was also very influential prior to this reform. also, kent conrad on the budget committee. how far do you think you can go in terms of crime and punishment with those two men? >> i think we have to go further. we have to include senator bennett's staff that were named in no small amount. but it also goes to over 150 people at freddie and fannie. we're following it from government where we believe the d distorks occurred back to its source, which in this case was a legal bribing system. the department of justice has not pursued. we cannot have people in and around government getting these kinds of special deals and then the outflow be on the backs of the american taxpayer. that's what happened. we hope that in the future, this will be illegal, ruled unethical. we've got to find a way to disclose it all then get the american people outranled enough to make sure it never happens again. >> going beyond countrywide, perhaps you've seen charles ferguson's movie, there's a lot of journalism now at this point that gets into the granular detail
in. >> first of all, to joe owes point here you have a situation where in the obama budget they cut $20 million they set aside for teach for america. talk about taking away a great program and ruining it. >> we didn't realize it was a government program. >> 10% of their budget. >> it's an important part. aside from that this isn't picking on teachers or their pensions or collective bargaining. this is about coming to the realization that we as a country have been living way beyond our means for way too long. the governor of new jersey said the credit card is maxed out. we have to pay for what we want. if we want these services we have to figure out a way to pay for them. >> what do you make of this argument this state budget zrirks long term health care is a huge problem. this immediate crisis with the result of the recession which was brought on largely by your banking friends that you write about on wall street, built up the bubble. built up the bubble. the bubble is burst. state coffers end up running dry when we're not doing things like putting a transaction tax on people making
by the obama justice department and attorneys general. that's not because they get 40% of their money from the bankses, is it? i don't know. >>> up next, mr. christie goes to washington. why the rep party is so excited about the governor of new jersey. is he so great or the rest of the field just that lucy? maybe both. also is justin bieber the voice of reason that america has been looking for in health care bee date? a canadian pop star's view of american health, after this. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it
, but the biggest villains these days seem to be the public employees. and their unions. but is that fair? obama says no. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon. yes, we need a conversation about pensions and medicare and medicaid and other promises we've made of a nation. everyone should be at the table. the concept of shared sacrifice should prevail. >> nevertheless, in states like wisconsin, the public unions are the ones in the cross hairs with no end in sight, in fact, for the stalemate there over their ability to retain the collective bargaining rights. of course, you dig into all this and the numbers show that the unions really don't matter that much when it comes to our deficits. right to work states with limited unions, states like florida, louisiana, texas. guess what? they're just as much in the red as states with strong union traditions. i guess they have housing and unemployment problems, too, hey? so what really caused this mess? well, a huge part of it is the massive crime that was the fraud at
wanted to see. >> what do you think -- our current president, president obama could learn about teddy roosevelt, the bully pulpit and the idea of a square deal? >> he could learn a couple of things. one be decisive. teddy roosevelt was decisive. he said let congress debate it, i'll build the canal. he also believed in acting first and asking for forgiveness later. he was very decisive. also thoughtful and flexible in his thinking. people overlook that. he wrote a bunch of books. well received books. very thoughtful like our current president. he thought about what he was going do and then used the bully pulpit to go right to the people and make the change he wanted to see. he's up there with franklin roosevelt and washington and lincoln as one of the top four presidents. >> "presidential leadership." the author is right here. nick it's a pleasure to have you. there's the cover of the book. happy president's day to you. >> thank you. the best of all holidays. thank you. >> thank you. we'll take the spirit of teddy roosevelt as we have so directly with this show. we're going to take it
obama credit in his budget. it's a very robust six-year transportation infrastructure bill. but it's just transportation. and as john pointed out, we need to do so much more than just transportation. but, folks, right now the american people want jobs, jobs, jobs. nothing produces well-paying jobs like infrastructure, on the job site, and back in american factories. >> if you were to look at all the infrastructure, the power grid, the transportation infrastructure, everything that really is the guts of making this a civilized country, in a sense, where do you see the most desperate need? can you isolate on any2 particular aspect of the infrastructure that you really see, john, as in the most dire straits? >> depends on where you are in the country. definitely, highways are a significant problem. highways are congested, they're underfunded, and the federal government and local governments are uncertain of how to solve those problems together. rail is also a problem. we have people, governors in the republican party are making a big deal of cutting rail projects at a time when they
at this particular moment. i would like the president, i would like president barack obama, to make it very clear, that the united states basically takes sides, takes sides on the side of the rising social forces, human rights, the rule of law, those people who are really trying to own the history and basically determine their own affairs. but i think in the next few day, the united states must think very clearly about what its response will be. if and when the army intervenes to suppress the protesters, what tomorrow might be if the protesters try to march to the presidential palace. the next few days are going to be extremely dangerous and i hope the united states has a clear position, a clear stand, when and if the plunge takes place in egypt. >> ron paul, ronald reagan famous both in 1982 with poland and 1989 with the berlin wall for doing precisely what fawaz described, getting behind the pro-democracy forces. demanding the tearing down of the wall. do you believe the united states should get behind that crowd? >> i don't think it's the same annual an analogy. this is a lot of money and weap
's president john hennessey. fresh off of his dinner with president obama, we talked about how to spread silicon valley's model of robust education and investment into america. >> the president made a key issue of the importance of investment in education and research and maintaining that investment. as we go through a very difficult budget crisis and lots of pressure on the discretionary domestic budget and i think that's something that the silicon valley community, the ceos, all support. they understand that that engine of innovation, you have to keep it going. ♪ taking care of business ♪ every day >> you could just rattle off some of the businesses and some of the companies that have come out of the stanford campus over the past few decades. >> well, starting back, hewlett-packard of course was one of the first. sun microsystems, yahoo!, google, vm wear, silicon graphics, saw a long string of them. >> describe for me the characteristics, the environment, that you think is necessary to have that level of fertility. >> well, it all begins with innovation and a new idea. i think you
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